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Leviathan from Martian Dreams cluebook
Only appearance: Martian Dreams

The leviathan is probably one of the worst nightmares living on Mars. This huge worm waits patiently beneath the surface until it detects nearby prey, sensing its vibrations through the ground. It then shoots violently out of the ground to attack with its many tentacles, before dragging the prey to its maw, to eat it. The only chance to win against this monster is to destroy the very tough, armoured maw, as severing single tentacles will simply cause them to re-grow.

Only well-equipped adventurer parties can survive an encounter with one of these horrors. Even worse, the leviathan can appear anywhere on the surface of Mars.


The leviathan was one of the largest worms on Mars. It normally lived just under the surface of the desert landscape, dormant and unmoving. When it sensed prey through surface vibrations, its maw and tentacles would suddenly break through to the surface. Its meal was grabbed by the highly mobile tentacles and dragged to the maw, which digested the food. While it was possible to destroy individual tentacles, the only way to stop a leviathan was to kill the maw.

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