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Knight is a title given to different types of warriors in the world of Britannia. Knights usually have in common being highly trained warriors, belonging to some organized order, and having some sort of higher ideals. Knights usually start as fighters or paladins.

The first known knights are the Knights of Sosaria. Not much is known about them, except that they strived to be virtuous and chivalrous. They existed before the First Age of Darkness. However, Mondain was able to corrupt most of them, and they became evil knights or dark knights, preying on the unsuspecting travellers. The Stranger had to face several of these corrupted knights in the quest to stop Mondain during Ultima I.

At some point after that, virtuous knights started to reappear. When Lord British united Sosaria into Britannia, some of these knights left with the group from Montor, and established themselves in Monitor, in the Serpent Isle. They became the Knights of Monitor, and constantly competed for the title of Knight Champion. However, over time their ideals were corrupted by infighting between three groups and the temptations of power.

Other knights stayed, and with them Lord British formed the Order of the Silver Serpent, containing only the best knights. In recognition to their outstanding service, the order was given the fortress of Serpent's Hold in the Isle of Deeds. The Order was based on the principle of Courage, striving to excel in all the Virtues related to that principle. The Order became the most renowned organization of knights from Ultima IV onwards.

During the time of Ultima Underworld, Sir Cabirus formed a new order, the Knights of the Crux Ansata, to give order to the Abyss colony he founded. However, after the colony was destroyed, the order was not heard of again.

It is not known if there are other knightly orders in Britannia. At least another world, Ashtalarea, also has knights. Seggallion from Ultima VI was a knight from that world.


  • Dupre was knighted by Lord British shortly prior to Ultima VII.
  • The title "Sir" is usually given to knights. However, there are examples of knights in the game that do not use the "Sir" title (such as Gruman), others that use the "Lord" title instead, which may be a higher title, (such as Lord Malone and Lord R'hien), and others that use the title without being knights (such as Dupre in Ultima VI).