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Ultima III
Class: Arcane
Mana: 55
Command: L
Ultima II
Name: Kill
Class: Arcane
Ultima I
Name: Kill
Incantation: "Interficio Nunc"

Of the attack spells available to the mage, Decorp is the strongest against a single foe. Casting it sends a beam of pure magic power against a foe to sap the life out of it in the most efficient ways possible. Only the strongest foes can hope to survive this attack, whose power against a single foe is unmatched.

Note that it is similar to the cleric's spell Excuun, while P enables the mage to attack multiple foes with this attack.


The sun hath made its consecutive cycles and thou hast gained great experience in magic. Thy skill and power have now reached the sphere of direct magical determination. With the intonation of this spell, thou dost draw on the magical force of all life and focus it upon thy foe.

Sing the song of Decorp and the air will shake with the roar of magic rushing to thy command. Upon whomever thou shalt indicate, the Magic shall descend, and their life shall be extinguished - always and completely.

Kill attempts to destroy your foe by magic. Success depends upon the relative attributes of the wizard and the foe.
An enchantment hurled at a foe in front of the spellcaster. If successful, this cantrip will destroy the opponent.

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