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This Solution deals with the Keyring Mod.

The Keyring Quest[edit]

Accepting the Quest[edit]

You start the keyring quest by meeting Zauriel in front of Castle Britannia. After you have agreed to help him to save his daughter Laurianna from a mad mage, he explains that he first needs to mix a special potion, which needs blackrock and a vial of Silver Serpent Venom.

You can find blackrock either in Rudyom's house, or in the dungeon Covetous. As for the venom, hope that you haven't yet sold all of it to Kessler. It's easiest to find some at the Britannian Mining Company in Minoc. Once you have both things, give them to Zauriel and he will make the potion for you. He then tells you to find his daughter on an island north of Skara Brae, south of where the Lost River flows into the sea. Zauriel himself will wait at the Skara Brae moongate.

The Gem of Dispelling[edit]

To your surprise, the island is empty. Search around (avoid the structure as it is a trap) until your companions comment about this, then go and meet Zauriel at the Skara Brae moongate. After some discussion it's clear the mage did some trickery and that you need a Gem of Dispelling to get anywhere. Zauriel openly tells you that there are two ways to do this:

First Way

You create a gem from scratch. For that, you need the following ingredients:

  • A gem, which you can buy from Sean in Britain.
  • Invisibility dust, which can be found in a cave at 169°S 29°E.
  • Six bee stingers, which have to be collected off dead Giant Bees in the Bee Cave.
  • Two Spider Eggs, which can be collected in the forest SW of the Bee Cave (across the Lost River).

Once you have all these things, Zauriel can make the gem for you.

Second Way

In this way, you see if the inventor of these gems, Joneleth, who had died some years prior, had left any behind in his house on Orney Isle near Buccaneer's Den. Only to discover that Joneleth has turned into a Liche! Defend yourself, then loot the gems off him. Zauriel can determine which ingredients you need to add to make the gem fully functional again (it is random).

Once the missing ingredients are given to Zauriel, the gem is fully functional.

The surprising Solution[edit]

Now, return to the island and when the gem glows, crush it to expose the mage, his henchmen and the kidnapping victim. The mage Laundo and his men will then try to kill you once you are done talking to him. After that is done, talk to Laurianna and give her the potion in order to free her, then return her to Zauriel (need space in the party). Right then however, things turn strange, as Zauriel turns himself into a dragon. Fight him.

Only afterwards you learn from his journal (take it), that he needed to sacrifice himself in order to heal Laurianna from her magical surges. For your reward, find Laurianna in Empath Abbey, where she's either in the house of the scholar, or at the healer's. Return the journal to her and she in turn will give you the Keyring, which will make your remaining quest a lot easier.

The Codex Quest[edit]

Virtue Quests[edit]

Take both Lenses from the museum. You now need to meditate at the seven shrines on Britannia itself. To do so, you need the correct Rune from the museum, then kneel before the shrine and meditate three cycles with the correct mantra, which an Avatar should know by now. The Shrine will give you a quest read the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom and then return. After you are done, return the rune to the museum.

The easiest way to reach the shrines and the Codex would be to use the Recall spell on the Virtue Stones to reach the various shrines and then mark the entrance to the Shrine of the Codex with the white stone so you can return to it quickly. The black stone can get you back to Britain for the next rune. Please not however, that you still need to reach the Shrine of Humility the normal way. For each shrine, after meditating, go into the Shrine of the Codex, place the Lenses left and right of the pedestal and rotate them both - if placed correctly, both lenses sparkle. The Codex then appears and after the lesson, take the lenses with you and leave the Shrine before teleporting back to the shrine in question and meditate again three cycles to finish the virtue in question.

Please note that the Shrine of Sacrifice is defiled, so first get the "Book of Forgotten Mantras" from the fortress in the Deep Forest, then talk to the shrine and use the Word of Power "Avidus" to restore the shrine. Then you can go on as usual.

Now, if you haven't accessed the Shrine of Spirituality yet after the first seven virtues, your white stone will be re-aligned so you can reach it (that can short-circuit the plot!). Once Spirituality is read about, the Codex does tell you the Guardian is trying to gain it, and you are in need to move it elsewhere in the void!

Re-Locating the Codex[edit]

Thankfully, you do get exact instructions how to do so. After finishing Spirituality, get the Vortex Cube from the museum, the Book of Truth from the Lycaeum, the Candle of Love from Empath Abbey and the Bell of Courage from Serpent's Hold. Return to the shrine and again summon the Codex to read what is to do now.

Now, place the three items of the Principles on the Codex Symbol on the floor, each going in the fitting circle (book=blue, candle=yellow, bell=red). All three items should sparkle, showing you the placement is correct. Once that's done, set the Vortex Cube on the floor between the pedestal and the items; it will also sparkle if being placed correctly. Now summon the Codex again (just drag and drop a lens) and it will be re-located to a place in the void where the Guardian won't get it!

Now summon the Codex one final time to be congratulated, then take all the items and return them to their rightful places (that does give experience!).