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In Por Ylem - The Second Renaissance (IPY) is an Ultima Online freeshard, which went online on February 2011. As of June 2013, a new version of the shard is being prepared to roll out, called, IPY3.

The goal of the project is to capture the spirit of Ultima Online from before Ultima Online: Renaissance, when gameplay was significantly altered. In Por Ylem will implement many features, some of which were never ever seen in the original game, and find alternative solutions for various issues and gameplay additions.


Some of the features include:

  • Paladins are upgraded to a full police force. Besides punishing the criminals and evildoers, they are also responsible for compensating victims. Their code states that should they abuse their power, they'll lose it.
  • The eternal struggle between Chaos and Order. As well as Kings and Queens elected to high office for towns who choose their side of Chaos or Order.
  • A much improved PvE system, which is better balanced and more fun.
  • Mysterious portals are included, which lead to extra-dimensional instance dungeons full of great danger and great reward.
  • Detective system to solve murders.


  • "In Por Ylem" literally means "Create Movement Matter" in Britannian magic words.

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