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In Mani Ylem is an Ultima Online freeshard, which started operating in May, 2005.[1] It is dedicated to providing a UO experience that harkens back to an earlier time; a UO shard with settings similar to the original OSI settings. It also has many other custom features.

The website has a detailed installation / quick start guide as well as details on server rules, the idea behind the server, etc.

The maximum number of players online in this shard was 60 people on March, 2007.[1] As of November 2010, the shard is still online.[2]

General server rules[edit]

  • You cannot macro in a town or guarded region.
  • You cannot macro the creation of resources. (i.e. gold, ore, hides, cloth, wood, etc)
  • You cannot use macros to automate any part of combat, be it healing or targeting or whatever.


  • "In Mani Ylem" literally means "Create Life Matter" in Britannian magic words, which actually refers to the "Create Food" spell in several of the Ultima games.


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