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Ho eyo he hum is a simple tune commonly sung in the city of Britain.


Even in the earliest days of Sosaria, "Ho eyoh ho hum," was the signature song of Iolo the bard, who could be found throughout numerous cities in the lands of the eight lords during Ultima I, singing the tune for all who would hear. Later, in Ultima II, when the time magicks of Minax left the histories of Earth and Sosaria strangely intermingled, numerous jesters and entertainers could found throughout Terran time and space, all singing the same endless cant of "Ho! Ho! Ho!" - a similar, albeit much simpler, ditty.[1]

Decades after the temporal abnormalities brought about by the enchantresses ceased, Iolo could be found in Lord British's castle. Here, during Ultima III, the bard and his wife performed the classic tune still, although its composition had seemingly evolved. While Iolo still sang "Ho eyo he hum!" as was his wont, Gwino (likely a bastardization of Gwenno) now added an accompanying "Muh eh oye oh!" to the song, reversing its phonetics.[2][3]

It was only after the foundation of Britannia, in Ultima IV that the song's nonsense lyrics were at least given meaning. In this age of art and enlightened learning, Iolo and Gwenno could be found in the midst of several small children in Britain, who all sang "Ho eyo he hum!" along with the kindly entertainers. Should the Stranger ask any of the youngsters the meaning of the song, they would gladly tell the hero that it meant "Love to one and all" - a sentiment which well complimented the City of Compassion.[4][5] During the Gargoyle Wars, the bard Van Kellian of Jhelom kept the famed Britannian tune alive, working "Ho eyo he hum" into many of his verses.


Here the Jesters sing Ho Ho,
But why they do,
I'll never know.
- Iolo the Bard

Ultima V: Lazarus[edit]

This is an Ultima V: Lazarus-related article or section. The information within may not apply to Ultima V or other Ultima games.

In the remake of Ultima V, Ultima V: Lazarus, Iolo's response to some commands is to sing this song.


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