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Hiding is the skill in Ultima Online with which a plaer literally can try to get out of others' sight. It allows the player to vanish from sight while standing still. However, to actually move and do things while staying hidden, the Stealth skill is also needed. Furthermore, the Detecting Hidden skill can spot the hiding player.

It has to be noted, that the skill can be useful, when also using the skill Snooping to search through another player's backpack, without being seen. This skill also helps the Ninjitsu skill.


To train the skill, these methods are useful:

  • 0 - 30: Train at NPC Gypsy, Ranger or Thief
  • 30 - 60: Hide.
  • 60 - 100: Hide in your house (where you cannot fail), Stealth, repeat. The use of the stealth skill lowers the timer before you can hide again by a few seconds, hence allowing you to gain at a faster rate. As you can't stealth unless you are already hidden the house is used to ensure success.