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Hazael, from Ultima V: Lazarus
Species: Human
Ultima V: Lazarus
Location: Skara Brae
Description: Ranger

This is an Ultima V: Lazarus-related article or section. The information within may not apply to Ultima V or other Ultima games.

Hazael is a ranger of Skara Brae in Ultima V: Lazarus.

A young recruit to the rangers of the island, Hazael had only recently passed the trials of admission which were administered by the ranger captain Heron. Hazael had been required to identify various animal tracks, and for his first task managed to track and slay a boar by himself. For his second task, he had traversed the Drylands solo, defending himself from the many creatures which roamed the desert. Hazael told the hero how recruits usually had to navigate Spiritwood, but this had been deemed unacceptable with the number of rebels currently hiding in the forest. The young ranger has also proven himself in basic magic skill and archery.[1]

Hazael was certain his mentor Heron was one of the greatest rangers in Britannia, an honour Heron willingly bestowed upon Shamino if he were in Avatar's party. Asked about the rebels of Spiritwood, Hazael mentioned Heron was secretly in contact with them, and they were intending to return to Skara Brae to storm the archmage Flain's tower and liberate the town. Hazael personally felt Flain must be evil, being a member of the Oppression and in league with Blackthorn, as well he had slain many townsfolk when they opposed his landing on the island. He noted Abiona particularly despised the archmage, and the young ranger admired her fearless nature.

The young ranger appeared confused on Lord British's virtues, and was uncertain how to properly support Spirituality. He did note that Blackthorn's Ethics took a different approach to the virtues, and actively discouraged bad behavior, while Lord British had encouraged good behavior.

If asked about the fruit missing from Valos' orchard, Hazael mentioned he had met the young boy Froed, but was unsure what the child was hiding from.

Should a female Avatar speak with Hazael with five other female companions in tow, the young ranger would be so flabbergasted than he would be left unable to speak. Ashamed about his inability to converse with women, the young ranger would take his own life.


  • The character portrait for Hazael is based upon Ultima V: Lazarus project director Ian "Tiberius" Frazier, who is known to bear an unusual physical resemblance to Ultima creator Richard Garriott.


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