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Hayley, from Ultima IX
Species: Human
Ultima IX
Location: Paws
Transcript: Hayley

Hayley is the healer of Paws in Ultima IX.

During the first visit to Paws, the Avatar found her busy treating the freshly-deported miller of Britain. She complained that her work was almost impossible due to the medicine shortage, thus she couldn't heal the Avatar at the moment. She especially lacked Serpentwyne and after the Avatar acquired some bottles for her, she was able to offer treatment.[1]

When later returning to Paws, after being tasked to kill a red dragon in Valoria, the Avatar found her treating some warriors. She said how conditions had improved with the mayor of Britain, Aidon, changing his politics. She also revealed that the wounded warriors had managed to find the dungeon Destard and that it was near the village Dawn, north of Paws.

Paws Healer[edit]

Prices in Ultima IX were as follows: [2]

Original Version Economy Patch Version
Potions Cost Reagents Cost Potions and Other Cost
Cure Potion 175 gp Garlic 5 gp Cure Potion 40 gp
Health Potion 175 gp Ginseng 9 gp Health Potion 70 gp
------- ----- Blood Moss 74 gp Empty Flask 2 gp
------- ----- Spider's Silk 50 gp Bandages 12 gp
------- ----- Nightshade 200 gp ------- -----


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