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Guilders are the standard currency of the city Moonshade on the Serpent Isle. Guilders are a strange money, with a magical shimmering effect, but that doesn't mean that it is worthless. It is somewhat difficult to determine the exact worth of a Guilder, but fine ice wine costs 25 Guilders.

On Serpent Isle, the exchange rates are as follows:

1 Guilder = 0.66 Gold Coins
1 Guilder = 0.33 Monetari
1 Guilder = 1.33 Filari


Although I have procrastinated much in preparing this section, hoping to record further development, it seems that our commerce system evolved and stabilized quickly. Our resources show no sign of depletion lo these two centuries. I had hoped to abandon the ridiculous trappings of coinage that were common in Sosaria, but so many others found barter cumbersome. Therefore, I must resign myself to accepting a currency-based system. Regardless, let me now discuss the practitioners of this form of exchange.


So far, we have agreed upon government by a council of mages. Those who live in Moonshade trade with the Guilder.


  • Considering the False Coin spell, it is curious that the exchange rate isn't much worse, as the presence of the spell could cause serious inflation.
  • The pikemen in the Bull Tower disrespectfully call it a, "strange glowing money" and don't want it.

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