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Grond, from Ultima IX
Species: Human
Ultima IX
Location: Ambrosia
Transcript: Grond
Grond is a wrecked shipbuilder, who had found his way inside Ambrosia.

The Avatar was surprised to find a human in the Underwater City of the Gargoyles in Ultima IX. Grond explained how he'd come too close to one of the columns and a whirlpool had drawn his ship and him under sea, and he'd ended up there.[1]

Grond tried for half a year to build a boat for escape, but with no wood available, that proved an impossible task, as rock was useless as a material for boats. Grond however was willing to trade some of the things that had survived the way down with him.

He died with the collapse of the dome.

Grond's Packs[edit]

Prices in Ultima IX were as follows:[2]

Original Version
Provisions Cost Potions Cost Reagents Cost Spell Scrolls Cost
Sextant 500 gp Heal 150 gp Ginseng 50 gp Light Heal 150 gp
------- ----- Mana Recovery 200 gp Garlic 50 gp ------- -----

Economy Patch Version
Weapons Cost Potions Cost Reagents Cost Spell Scrolls Cost Spell Scrolls
Oil Flask
3 gp Heal 60 gp Ginseng 20 gp Light Heal 550 gp Freeze
1200 gp
Mana Recovery 70 gp Garlic 10 gp Charm 850 gp Fog
1005 gp
50 gp
Black Pearl
165 gp
Crystal Barrier
220 gp
Wizard Eye
1120 gp
Blood Moss
130 gp
655 gp
1520 gp


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