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A typical gold bar (real photo)
A Gold Bar
A gold bar is the typical storage form of large sums of gold. After being dug up in the form of gold nuggets, and being exchanged to coins at a mint, the gold bars are created by melting down the nuggets and casting the gold into this new form.

Gold bars have the advantage of easy storage and are also a lot harder to steal, especially due to their weight. Gold bars are not only an easy storage form for coin material, but unlike nuggets, are a good way to pay for larger transactions, as the worth of a gold bar is fixed. It can be used to store wealth as well (especially by the government). Of course it is always possible to return a gold bar to the mint in exchange for its worth in coins.

Exchange Rates[edit]

-Cynthia at the Royal Mint in Ultima VII will exchange every gold bar for 100 gold coins.
-Bucia in Moonshade in Ultima VII Part Two will exchange each gold bar for 400 gold coins.


  • Gold bars in Britannia have the symbol of the Ankh minted onto them (as seen in Ultima VII Part Two).
  • The corrupt pikemen in the Bull Tower want a gold bar for setting Captain Hawk free, thus the need to loot the ruined mint, as gold bars are only encountered later in the game.