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Focus in Ultima Online is the skill and ability of warriors to enhance their mana regeneration and stamina. Since these two factors determine the swing rate and the number of special moves to be used, the importance of the skill is high.

Hit Points, Stamina, and Mana all have statistics associated with them called "10 second gains," which are set on all creatures and tell the game system how much to increase each current value by every 10 seconds. These "10 second gains" are usually set once and never change. However, in Age of Shadows, these 10-second gains can now be increased by various skill and magic effects, like the Focus skill.

  • For every 10 points of Focus a player has, their 10 second Stamina gain is increased by 1.
  • For every 20 points of Focus a player has, their 10 second Mana gain is increased by 1.

Note that mages usually don't use focus. Instead, their Meditation skill has to be improved. Both skills can add to each other, but Meditation is more difficult to gain.

Training for focus is trivial, as each stamina and mana regeneration counts as training. So though normal gameplay, it will rise almost completely on its own. Therefore it is best to ignore training it, as it happens anyway.