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A fire sword, as seen in Ultima VII Part Two.
A fire sword is a variety of enchanted weapon whose blade has been magically infused with the burning power of flame. Such swords appear in Ultima VII, Ultima VII Part Two and Ultima IX.


In Britannia, fire swords glow with a yellow-red fire that may never be extinguished, and provide a warm light when held aloft, similar to a torch. Similar blades forged on Serpent Isle exist, although in keeping with the world's proclivity towards ice magic, they burn with a white-blue flame typical of frost spells. Those wielding such weapons will find that they offer a searing cut—dealing far more damage than an ordinary sword—although they will often prove less than fully effective against beasts associated with elemental fire, such as dragons or daemons.

Effectiveness of the Weapon[edit]


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A fire sword, as seen in Ultima VII running with Exult.
  • In the fan-made Ultima VII utility Exult, the sound emitted by fire swords has been eliminated.
  • In all games in which they appear, they act as never-ending torches as long as they are held in the hand.

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