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Fencing is the skill in Ultima Online which states how good a character is with pointed weapons. Long weapons with a sharp tip are all put into this weapon class. This skill is not to be confused with Swordsmanship and together with Mace Fighting and Archery is one of the main weapon skills.

The main gain from this skill is an increased chance to hit the target, instead of missing, and maintaining a steady defense. It does not determine damage and speed, which are governed by strength and dexterity. A high fencing level also opens up new special moves with 70 for the first move of the specific wepaon, and 90 for the second. Note that the Tactics skill is also needed.

Fencing is especially useful for poison weapons.


Training is the same for all weapon classes. First, buy training from a Warrior Guildmaster until reaching 30 points. After that, only real battle can help to improve. Therefore here the best battlegrounds for the varying skill levels.

Skill Level Enemies to battle
30 - 60 Skeletons, preferably 1-3 at a time these can be found in any graveyard
60 - 70 Lizardmen such as you'd find in the top level of Despise
70 - 85 Ogres, again in Despise but at lowest level this time (avoid the Ogre Lords)
85 - 100 Earth Elementals found in Shame or Despise level 2
100 - 110 Cyclopean Warriors found in Cyclops Valley in the Lost Lands and Despise level 3
110 - 120 Troglodytes found in the Painted Caves

Alternatively, you can use the Pet Golem Trick to gain experience.