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Fellowship medallion trinket included with Ultima VII
A Fellowship medallion is a symbolic piece of jewelry worn by members of the Fellowship to identify them as followers of the philosophical community. They appear in Ultima VII, Ultima VII Part Two, and Ultima IX.


Each medallion was a shaped like a triangle, and was embossed with a trigraph created from the letters U, T, and W—representing the combined principles of Unity, Trust and Worthiness from the Fellowship's Triad of Inner Strength. Such medallions would be given to new initiates upon their acceptance into the society, and members were expected to wear them at all times that they might project their affiliation to the public.

The Avatar would receive such a medallion after being recognized as a Fellowship member at a ceremony in Britain. While able to wear the emblem before such confirmation, many Fellowship officials would intuitively know the hero was not a full member of the group, although several people, such as Tseramed and Thad, would be greatly angered at the sight of the medallion—going so far as to attack the Avatar regardless of the hero's actual membership.[1][2][3][4]

In later years, during the Avatar's final quest in Britannia, a Fellowship medallion could be seen on display in Britain's Royal Museum.


A metal replica Fellowship medallion came as a trinket with the original boxed release of Ultima VII, and provided the only opportunity for the player to observe the item in detail.


Batlin's Medallion
Fellowship medallion in Ultima IX
  • The Fellowship medallion's appearance in Ultima IX differs from previous entries, instead being circular in shape with the triangular design engraved.
  • Interestingly, a Fellowship medallion like this can be found in the secret encampment of the goblins on Serpent Isle.


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