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Felicitar, from Ultima VIII
Species: Zealan God
Ultima VIII

Felicitar is the Zealan goddess of joy on the world of Pagan. She was supposed to have appeared in the unreleased Ultima VIII expansion pack The Lost Vale.


Felicitar had been a part of the ancient Zealan pantheon, in the years before the civilization's worship came to center on Amoras, Odion and Apathas.[1]

The Lost Vale[edit]

In The Lost Vale, it would have been revealed that the the Elemental Titans had locked Felicitar, along with her fellow deities Doloras and Timyra, in a magical stasis, and it would have fallen to the Avatar to free them. This would have been achieved through the power of an artifact known as the Shield of the Ancients and would have required the hero to unify the Zealan populace in the Lost Vale. Freeing these gods would have eventually enabled them to return the flow of water to the Vale, thereby restoring the land.


Even older texts indicate that the Zealans initially believed in not three, but six such deities! In addition to the rulers of love, hate, and apathy, Felicitar controlled joy, Doloras ruled grief, and Timyra was the patron of fear. Though anthropomorphic in nature, some of them had animalistic features, such as Doloras and his torax head. Through time, however, the Zealans found it difficult and inconvenient to pay homage to so many gods and goddesses, so they elected to combine the aspects into three.
- from The Mythology of the Zealan Deities (Ultima VIII)


  • Felicitar's name likely derives from the Latin word "Felix," meaning "happy" or "blessed."


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