Father Antos

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Father Antos
Father Antos, from Ultima IV
Species: Unknown
Ultima IV
Location: Lycaeum
Description: old druid
U4 Transcript: Father Antos
Ultima II
Father Antos, from Ultima II
Location: Planet X

This article is about an NPC in Ultima II and IV. For the NPC in Ultima V: Lazarus, see Antos (Lazarus).

Father Antos is a sage of alien origins who has twice given crucial aid to the Stranger. Originally found on the mysterious Planet X, Antos is an enigmatic figure, whose significance in the multiverse is unknown.


Father Antos was a Sosarian explorer who, during the Golden Age of Time Doors, traveled through said Time Doors before the Stranger did, and eventually reached Minax's dystopic Earth. In Ultima II, Father Antos could be found in the twenty-second century A.D., living within the Castle Barataria ruled over by King Ozymandias. The Stranger, in earlier centuries, was exhorted by Antos' son, Brother Antos, to seek out his father among the stars,[1] and it later became evident that Antos' blessing was necessary to attain the favor of a nameless old man who featured in the prophecies of the Oracles. It was only once Antos conferred this honor upon the Stranger that the elder would bestow upon the hero his Force Field Ring, whose powers were necessary to assail Minax's keep of Shadowguard.

It is then apparent that Father Antos found his way back to Sosaria before the Time Doors disappeared.

Later, when the Stranger became an aspirant to the title of Avatar in Ultima IV, an old and frail Father Antos could be found within Britannia, dwelling in the Lycaeum. His son, Brother Antos, was living at Empath Abbey at the time, and a Sister Antos (presumably his daughter) could be found at Serpent's Hold.

While the now aged mystic claimed he had seen many quests, he gave no hint as to his origins or past. He did, however, assist the hero in locating the fabled Book of Truth in the library, if asked.[2]


Father Antos as he appears in the manga
  • According to Vargaz's Stories of Legend, Father Antos was also responsible for predicting a plague of locusts coming from the northlands at some point in Sosarian/Britannian history.[3]
  • In the novelization of Ultima IV in Ultima: The Avatar Adventures, Brother Antos claims that rather than being his parent, Father Antos is his twin.[4]
  • In the Nintendo port of Ultima IV, Father Antos may be found in Lord Robert Frasier's throne room, rather than in the Lycaeum halls.[5]
  • A character which is quite likely meant to be Father Antos is featured in Yoko Tanaka's manga re-telling of Ultima IV. In this comic, the mystic meets the protagonist, Deane, at the Lycaeum and tells him news of his brother, Shiva, who had previously studied at the keep of Truth. He reveals that the young man had ventured in search of the Skull of Mondain, which was necessary to gain entry to the Abyss in this narrative.[6]


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