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The FM-Towns version of Ultima V did sport an extra intro that recapped the story progression since the previous game, consisting on several new drawn pictures with text, all with the music "Grayson's Tale" in the background. The text never got an official translation, but for this page, a fan-tanslation got found.

The Intro[edit]

Intro 1

"Britannia greeted the coming of the Avatar with an age of peace and prosperity it had never before known. The shadow had now cleared from the faces of the people.

A Great Council was convened, and the very foundations of Britannia's government were reformed. The dungeons were sealed, and their fiendish monsters disappeared from sight. Several villages sprang up around Castle Britannia to join Britain; the ports were kept ship shape, outfitted with lighthouses, and traffic on the high seas resumed safely. Finally, in an attempt to spread its words of wisdom throughout the populace, the Codex was installed within a shrine."

Intro 2

"The mages of the Great Council assembled and levitated the Codex up from the depths of the Abyss, and the tome was placed in sacred keeping within a shrine. In the process, though, something transpired underground..."

Intro 3

"A great underworld was discovered beneath Britannia. Clearly, the ascent of the Codex had created a vast underground network of caverns - with which the foul legions of monsters once again made their presence known."

Intro 4

"The Great Council decided to send forth an expedition - led by Lord British himself. The expedition descended into the dungeons, headed for the underworld."

Intro 5

"However, the expedition disappeared. Even Lord British himself failed to return. Without their king, his castle and kingdom plunged into despair. And so, the government fell into disarray.

Britannia's government has changed. Without Lord British, the spirit of the Virtues has become twisted, a mockery forced upon the people. And Shamino, Lord British's good friend and former traveling companion of the Avatar, senses a great power spreading over Britannia. And so, heedless of the danger to himself, he seeks to call the Avatar forth once more... Will his message finally reach the Avatar? And so, perhaps, yet another fateful journey lies ahead..."

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