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The FM-Towns version of Ultima I did sport an extra intro that recapped the story progression since the previous game, consisting on several new drawn pictures with text, all with music in the background. The text never got an official translation, but for this page, a fan-tanslation got found.

The Intro[edit]

Intro 1

"The first tale...

Warm sunshine streams down from above, and the breeze is gentle and sweet. On the wind is carried the sound of a lute... You look to see a lone old bard seated in the shade of the trees on the outskirts of town, conversing quietly with several villagers. You come closer, adding yourself to the circle of townsfolk. To the sound of his lute, in a soft voice, the bard begins to spin his tale."

Intro 2

"This is the first of our tales. It took place in a time now long, long ago... In a time when this land was still called Sosaria...still fractured...still ruled by a number of feudal lords. Our forefathers loved this land - tilled its earth; made their homes atop it; and died upon it. Many lived lives of peace; others, of strife. Conflict between the rapacious feudal lords was constant, but for the most part, the days of peace remained unbroken.

But when did it all end...? When did the hand of evil lash out at our beautiful land of Sosaria, so abundantly blessed, and rain down upon us calamity after calamity?"

Intro 3

"As the people were assailed by endless catastrophe, horrible beasts ran rampant through Sosaria's villages, often leaving little but ruins in their wake. These were all caused by the appearance of Mondain - the name we now have all come to despise.

The monsters he unleashed besieged the castles and burned the villages to the ground. The people fled their homes in panic, and the feudal lords cared only about protecting their own keeps. Only one among them - a deeply wise young king by the name of Lord British - dreamt of a Sosaria united as a peaceful realm..."

Intro 4

"A hero was summoned by the king's own hand, and a hero answered his plea. The chosen one now set out on the king's quest - to vanquish the great evil of Mondain!"

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