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The FM-Towns version of Ultima IV did sport an extra intro that recapped the story progression since the previous game, consisting on several new drawn pictures with text, all with the music "Stones" in the background. The text never got an official translation, but for this page, a fan-tanslation got found.

The Intro[edit]

Intro 1

"Britannia has weathered three ages of darkness - at the hands of Mondain, who vied to rule the world through the power of his magic jewel; of Minax, his pupil, who manipulated the very fabric of space and time in an attempt to bring about the apocalypse; and of the dreadful Exodus, asleep deep within the bowels of the earth, whom their curse threatened to awaken. Four valiant warriors were summoned and set out on a quest to vanquish Exodus. At last, they have finally sealed Exodus away."

Intro 2

"Exodus's castle crumbled, marking the long-awaited end of the age of darkness. Like a howl from hell, what might have been Exodus's death cry ripped through the land. But there was no longer any need to fear. The age of darkness was no more."

Intro 3

"Under Lord British's just rule, Britannia entered a golden age. The towns thrived, and smiles graced the faces of the populace. The people no longer lived in fear of the threat of monsters. Hardship and terror had become things of the past."

Intro 4

"The philosophers of the Lycaeum, however, issued words of warning. Were these crises not precipitated by some nameless unknown lurking within the hearts of the people? As long as it remained unconfronted, this peace would one day be broken."

Intro 5

"And so, through of the moongates powered by the twin moons of Trammel and Felucca, the king sent forth a message. Yes - to summon one worthy enough to undertake this quest of the Avatar.

This message was sent out into the celestial void above Britannia, across the dimensions. The moongate will shed its pale light before the one who senses its message - and whosoever receives it must venture forth on its journey. But this is not a privilege conferred by mere chance. This is as fate ordains - this is destiny."

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