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The FM-Towns version of Ultima II did sport an extra intro that recapped the story progression since the previous game, consisting on several new drawn pictures with text, all with music in the background. The text never got an official translation, but for this page, a fan-tanslation got found.

The Intro[edit]

Intro 1

"Our next tale begins decades after the hero of the first tale vanquished the wizard Mondain...

...when there blossomed a time of languid peace so idyllic the preceding Age of Darkness seemed but a dream. The people forgot the terror and hardship of the past, and the kingdom continued to flourish anew. During those decades of peace, a means of traveling through time was discovered and made great contributions to the kingdom's cultural and technological development.

On occasion, there were rumors of the dark magician Mondain's resurrection - of an apprentice he had who held fearsome power...but each time some brave soul would venture to the ruins of Mondain's keep and report that there was nothing to be found but rubble."

Intro 2

"But the demonic apprentice rose to power before the people knew it, and once again monsters swept over the land. By the time the people opened their eyes, it was already too late; the land resounded with the cries of wild beasts - their nightmare was reborn anew!

In the depths of their despair, a figure appeared before the people...the image of a witch bedecked with jewels. SHE was the heir to Mondain's dark power, and her sinister might surpassed even that of her master. Her name was Minax."

Intro 3

"The witch's dark power rent time and space itself apart. The people were beset by terror the likes of which they'd never known, and the spectre of evil crept over the hearts of even the pure and righteous. Even without the witch's provocation, the people fell to fighting amongst themselves - eventually taking arms against each other.

Humanity marched ceaselessly down the path to its own destruction, until finally, in the year 2111, a great catastrophe laid waste to the Earth itself - now reborn as a planet held in the thrall of evil. The witch's victory was absolute, and the people's only hope rested in time travel...

To traverse space, go back in time, put an end to Minax, the source of all this evil - and thereby erase this timeline leading to our extinction!"

Intro 4

"And so, to undertake this perilous journey through time and space and bring down Minax, a hero was once again called forth. Standing before the Time Door, the gateway between the ages, the hero was overwhelmed by the waves of gratitude that flowed forth from Lord British and the survivors.

Lord British addressed the hero: "Never forget that the hopes of all within this time - as well as those of countless others! - go with thee!"

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