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The FM-Towns version of Ultima III did sport an extra intro that recapped the story progression since the previous game, consisting on several new drawn pictures with text, all with music in the background. The text never got an official translation, but for this page, a fan-tanslation got found.

The Intro[edit]

Intro 1

"The third tale begins with the defeat of Minax and the eradication of her world of darkness.

Her evil completely purged, the hordes of orcs that had been terrorizing the countryside vanished to parts unknown. The kingdom once again enjoyed a time of comfortable peace. One day, one of the adventurers who continued to stand guard against evil brought back from the ruins of Minax's keep a stone slab engraved with odd writing.

From what the wise priests and druids of Yew could decipher, the slab seemed to have been used in a spell of awakening - cast by the dread Mondain and Minax. But who or what had been awakened - whether it was human, inanimate, or demon - was a riddle not even the most learned of priests could solve."

Intro 2

"Time passed again; the decades flew by.

The kingdom had lived in uninterrupted peace - a peace that was gradually broken by a series of inauspicious events. It began with the sudden appearance of a comet that glowed red in the night skies beside the light of the twin moons of Trammel and Felucca. The star of ill omen broke apart in orbit, showering the earth below with debris. The fragments gouged the earth, and from its depths erupted an unearthly cry. Earthquakes came to plague Sosaria, and travelers were once more threatened by swarms of orcs. The people fled their towns, seeking the shelter of caves and castle walls.

Even travel on the high seas was imperiled by the appearance of dangerous sea creatures and pirates. Evil had spread across the land once more!"

Intro 3

"Amidst the terrible quakes and cries of the earth arose an ominous island surrounded by a sea of lava. There were reports of those who claimed to have seen a castle beyond the rising steam, but no one believed them. But wise Lord British, who felt evil emanations coming from the island, ordered an investigation. But the team never returned from their destination. There was but one survivor...

Gravely wounded, the researcher kept muttering to himself in his delirium: "From the depths of Hell...He comes for vengeance! He awakens...we cannot allow it! Hurry... He must be stopped... the Isle of Fire!!""

Intro 4

"Once more, Lord British decided to call forth a hero to combat the crisis the kingdom faced. But the task with which the heroes were charged was difficult indeed. Monsters roamed the earth fearlessly, while innumerable dungeons lay waiting to swallow them whole.

Even worse, they had no knowledge of the nature of their foe. They had only one clue...

A clue left on the deck of a sailing ship whose passengers had disappeared, as if spirited away by demons...a single word, written in blood..."EXODUS.""

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