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Evaluate Intelligence in Ultima Online describes a skill which determines the ability of mages to deal active damage to their opponents, read their mana levels and hold a good defense.

Using the skill actively tell the player the current mana level of a creature. Its main use is to rise the damage of destructive spell over the bare minimum. At 0 Eval Int, the damage is actually reduced by 70%. At 50 Eval Int, the damage is reduced by 25%. At approximately 78 skill, Eval Int has no effect, and beyond that it provides a bonus, up to a 20% bonus at Grandmaster and a 38% bonus at Legendary.

Formula: total damage = (base damage * ( 30 + (9 * Evaluating Intelligence/10) ) ) / 100.)

When combined with Anatomy, these two skills can be used to replace Wrestling or other melee skills for defense. At 100 in both the player will have the equivalent of 120 in dodging skill.

Formula: (Evaluating Intelligence + Anatomy + 20 ) / 2

Fighters do not use this skill. They instead use Tactics.


The skill is trained automatically when using Magery or Mysticism and therefore goes up together with the magic skills. Later, spamming chep spells is a good training method. Alternatively, using the skill actively to read creatures also helps.