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This is an Ultima 6 Project-related article or section. The information within may not apply to Ultima VI or other Ultima games.

In the spirit of the official series, The Ultima 6 Project contains a number of its own Easter eggs and cultural references. The list below strives to be definitive compilation of all such instances.

Easter Eggs and Cultural References[edit]

  • Found on the top of the Frost Islands south of the Isle of the Avatar is the final resting place of the Norse god Thor, marked by his distinctive winged helmet and war hammer.
  • The fork of Lord British got some serious upgrade. Stealing it and then sitting on the throne has... interesting consequences.
  • A mysterious gem found in a hollow stump east of Castle Britannia acts as a key to a room on the first level of the sewers beneath the castle. Inside, an "Evil Old Man" awaits the party. His strength is such that he kills with one hit and is immune to all conventional weapons, thus only magic spells can overcome him. Once he is defeated, a picture from one of the Ultima Dragons can be found in the room.
Polychromic Dragon's memorial
  • If Finn in Britain is asked often enough about Castle Britannia's shift in location from Ultima IV and Ultima V, after several humorous answers he will break the fourth wall and concede that the development team simply took after Ultima VI.
  • Found at the crossroads in Britain, directly south of the city hall, is a large stone dragon monument dedicated in memory of Michael "Polychromic Dragon" Cecil. Cecil was a long-time Ultima fan and eminent member of the Ultima Dragons, for whom he acted over many years as a welcoming party for new members. He died February 5, 2010 at the mere age of 45, due to a heart condition.
  • When fulfilling the LAIM quest and entering the secret room next to the food fountain on level four of dungeon Shame, the hanged heads in the room with the scroll are that of the development team.
  • The Lycaeum library has numerous interesting books that are easter eggs or real books.
    • Chitty-chitty Bang-bang - a real-world book, written by Ian Fleming.
    • Hubert’s Hair Raising Adventure - also a real book, written by Bill Peet.
    • Ringworld - one of a real book seriers written by Larry Niven.
    • Gone with the Wisp is a play on Gone with the Wind.
    • Alice in Wonderland is found in the library as well.
    • In Memory of Polychromic Dragon is another tribute to the late Michael Cecil, besides his statue in Britain.
  • In the eastern parts of the Bloody Plains, at 22°N 66°E, a white obelisk can be found with a plaque on it. Despite being somewhat blurry, the words "Dungeon Siege" can be read on it.
  • The whole LAIM quest and the names Mr. Blip and Miss Blip are playing at something that occured during game development. The team had two members who seemed to have a problem staying in the team meetings, which were at that time held on one of the more popular IM services. They were always getting kicked out of the chat room for some reason, and kept blipping in and out of the chat sessions. Thus their names and the name of the disease and it's properties are plays on this. Who these two members are, the team never said.
  • A chest in a lake on top of the mountain south of Empath Abbey is labeled "Alfie's Gift". Alfie is one of the creators of the game.

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