Easter Eggs in Ultima V: Lazarus

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This is an Ultima V: Lazarus-related article or section. The information within may not apply to Ultima V or other Ultima games.

Like the canon main series, Ultima V: Lazarus contains a number of its own Easter Eggs. These didn't appear in the original Ultima V.

Easter Eggs and Cultural References[edit]

  • Britain graveyard has a tombstone with the text "Here lies Kefka. The world hast not heard the last of me! Wha hoo hoo hoo hoo!" This is possibly a reference to Kefka Palazzo, the antagonist of Final Fantasy VI with an infamous laugh.
  • In a graveyard near Cove and the Bloody Plains, there is a gravestone that reads, "Norma Bates, Beloved Mother," in reference to the Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho. There is another that reads, "Here lie the inhabitants of Vault 13, I got distracted for 151 days. Sorry," which is a reference to the video game Fallout, and its 150-day limit to complete the game.
  • Among tombstones scattered throughout the Deep Forest is one that reads, "Origin, We Created Worlds," with the dates of the real-world Origin Systems' founding and disbanding.
  • The portrait for Hazael of Skara Brae is modelled on the face of project leader Ian "Tiberius" Frazier, who is known to have an uncanny resemblance to Richard Garriott. As such, the in-game characters will comment on this, with Shamino wondering for a moment if he is seeing Lord British. In addition, approaching Hazael with a party consisting solely of women (six are needed, meaning the Avatar has to be female) will make him collapse and die, lampooning Frazier's self-confessed intimidation by femininity.
  • Many other characters throughout the game also have character portraits based on members of Team Lazarus.
  • Christopher's portrait in the Britannys is modelled on Chris Roberts, the original inspiration for the Ultima V character.

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