Dust Devils

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Dust Devil
Dust Devil from Martian Dreams cluebook
Only appearance: Martian Dreams

Dust devils are a dangerous weather phenomenon on Mars in Martian Dreams. Miniature twisters that roam the martian surface at rapid speeds, dust devils will throw around anything that crosses their path, or even comes too close. Travellers are in great danger, should they venture too near to these destructive forces.

It is better to avoid them if possible, or grave injury will surely be the consequence. This is especially important near the polar regions, where they are even more common. Dust devils cannot be damaged, stopped, or dissipated.


A dust devil in-game
Dust devils were not really lifeforms, but were quite dangerous, nonetheless. Functionally a cross between a tornado and a dust storm, they were impossible to stop and severely damaging. If you ever see a dust devil, run the other way.
Dust is the most common feature of the Martian surface. Small particles are often wafted aloft, while larger particles, picked up by the wind, roll and bounce along the ground.

Extreme temperature contrasts, particularly near the poles and in the Hellas region, create violent winds -- up to 280 miles per hour -- and raging dust storms. Tornado-like conditions are common and quite deadly, often whipping the sandy surface of Mars to a stinging frenzy. Flying dust often blots out the entire surface and blinds the unwary explorer.

Lowell reports that the only thing to do if one spots a Martian dust storm is to run away. Seek shelter as quickly as possible

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