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The dungeons and towers of Ultima II are a peculiar lot. Although they are not essential for the Stranger's quest to defeat Minax, they offer a wide variety of gold and other treasure for the brave adventurer. Note that Tools are absolutely needed to get through these mazes.

There is a total of seven dungeons in Ultima 2:

  1. Dungeon in Greenland (all ages);
  2. Tower in South America (1423 B.C.);
  3. Tower in Africa (1990 A.D.);
  4. Tower on Jupiter (2112 A.D.);
  5. Dungeon on Jupiter (2112 A.D.);
  6. Dungeon on Mercury (2112 A.D.);
  7. Dungeon on Pluto (2112 A.D.).

1423 B.C. tower, 1990 A.D. tower, Earth dungeon, Pluto dungeon[edit]

In many ports of the game (e.g. MS-DOS), the dungeon in Greenland cannot be accessed during Pangea age, while in other ports (e.g. the C64) it can be entered normally.

Ultima ii dungeons.png

2112 A.D. tower, Jupiter dungeon, Mercury dungeon[edit]

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File:Ultima2 tower2112.png

File:Ultima2 dungeonJupiter.png

File:Ultima2 dungeonMercury.png

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