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The Dream Herb
Dream-Spice is a psychoactive plant appearing in Ultima Underworld II that can induce vivid dreams when ingested.


Known on the world of Killorn Keep specifically as Shalathian dream-spice,[1] this herb grew on a number of different planets, including Anodunos, Rhiannon, and the unnamed realms housing the Pits of Carnage and Scintillus Academy. Identifiable by its white flowers and its propensity for growing on gravesites, dream-spice would provide a mild sedative effect when first chewed and those who slept while under its effects would enjoy extremely lucid and lifelike dreams.

The visions granted by this herb would put its user in contact with the realm of the Ethereal Void, and should the Avatar consume dream spice in the course of their quest to dismantle the Guardian's blackrock dome, they would be able to project themselves to what had once been the Time Lord's prison in the Shrine of Spirituality. From here, the hero could manipulate the heart-shaped blackrock gem associated with the void and position it such that they could later retrieve it when they physically entered the ethereal plane.


  • While dreaming under the influence of dream-spice, the player may not access their inventory, but may move and manipulate items that appear in the field of vision. Dying in a dream-spice dream merely wakes the Avatar up.
  • Dream-spice may be based on Calea zacatechichi or dream herb, a white-flowered Mexican plant which the Chantal people of Oaxaca have traditionally used to induce divinatory dreams.[2]


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