Dead Man's Elbow

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The Dead Man's Elbow is a reagent which appears to be used in the arts of Necromancy on Pagan, although no spells in Ultima VIII require its use.


Dead man's elbows are fallen pieces of forked dead wood collected from places populated by ghosts. During their apprenticeship to the Necromancer, Vividos, it fell to the Avatar to fetch several such sticks,[1] which could be found in great numbers near the remains of a burnt house in western Tenebrae. Vividos, however, never instructed the hero as to their use, and the Avatar never learned what significance they might have had in the necromantic arts.


I need for you to bring me a sample of Executioner's Hood from a place of danger and fallen sticks from a place where spirits roam. Yes, that is very important. Go to Western Tenebrae. There you will find the sticks, better known as `deadman's elbows,' that I need.


  • In the pre-2.12 version of Ultima VIII, these items were called "Sticks", which led players to confuse them with the more common reagent "Wood." In V. 2.12 patch for the game, they were renamed "Dead Man's Elbows."
  • Items called "Dead Man's Elbow" can be produced by cutting any dead tree's twigs, although Vividos won't accept these for the purposes of his quest.


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