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Daver McCord
Daver McCord, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Britain
U6 Transcript: Daver
The Ultima 6 Project
Daver, from The Ultima 6 Project
Location: Britain

Daver McCord is a bellringer in Britain in Ultima VI.


Daver McCord was the official timekeeper in Britain, employed ringing a large bell in the centre of Britain once every hour to make sure that the people of Britain knew what time it was. He seemed proud of Lord British, whose idea it was to start timekeeping in Britain so that the shops and businesses would know when to open and close. Having done his job for so many long years, Daver hardly needed an hourglass for help keeping time anymore. The timekeeper seemed to have some wanderlust himself, although, he jokingly admitted to not having the time for it.[1]

Daver McCord seemed quite interested in the Avatar's former adventures, recognizing the hero from a picture by Woodroffe. Daver was also familiar with the appearance of the rune stones, the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, and the eight cities. He even knew of the mantras, although, he did not know why they were important.


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