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Daemon Bones (DB) are a reagent that is used in the Pagan art of Sorcery.

Uses and History[edit]


Much like the human bone used by practitioners of Necromancy, daemon bone retains a sympathetic tie to the properties of the living creatures from which it is derived, lending it the strength to summon and bind daemons.

Daemon bone naturally ranks amongst the rarer reagents in use on Pagan, as it requires the death of such potent beings for its harvest, although the Cabal under Malchir appears to have stockpiled a modest supply during the time of the Avatar's exile.

Ultima Online[edit]

In the Stygian Abyss expansion for Ultima Online, the Gargish magical school of Mysticism makes use of daemon bones as a reagent.


Demon bone.gif
Having taken a hint from the Necromancers, the Cabal found that bone does, indeed, retain its tie to life. It is even useful in the ritual of binding when enough power is at hand. Daemonic forces are summoned and controlled by use of this reagent.
Daemon bone, hard to acquire, and harder still to use. This, of course, is the reagent required to make spells dealing with the daemonic servants of Pyros. If you are not wary with its use, it will be your undoing. Never use more Daemon Bone than your spell calls for.


  • Adding daemon bone to a Sorcery spell which does not require it will result in the accidental summoning of a daemon which will attempt to slay the caster for desecrating the bones of its kin, in addition to destroying the candles, reagents and focus already arranged for the spell.

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