Comb of Beauty

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The Comb of Beauty is an item appearing in Ultima VII Part Two.


Comb of Beauty
Though many would say that the powers of the Comb of Beauty are the biggest waste of magical energy on the Serpent Isle, many women would disagree. The power of the Comb is, that it either restores the beauty of a person or actually makes them beautiful. It is more a instrument of vanity than anything else.


The Comb was in possession of the female rulers of Fawn, but Lady Yelinda, not believing in its powers, gave it to Columna in Moonshade, who used it to become much more beautiful than her twin sister Mosh. After getting a tip from Mosh, the Avatar found the Comb in a chest in Columna's garden and later used it to restore Lady Yelinda's beauty, after Mad Iolo had skinned her alive.


  • Speaking to Columna after taking the Comb reveals what she really looks like, proving that Mosh was right. They're looking alike.