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Several cheat options are available in Ultima VII Part Two. They are very similar to Ultima VII (as the games generally use the same engine).

Cheat Mode[edit]

Start the game with the following command line:

serpent pass

Cheat mode (with Silver Seed expansion)[edit]

Start the game with the following command line:

serpent manimal


Cheat Menu

Press the function keys during game play to activate the various cheat functions. Press [F1] to display the available cheat options.

  • Cheat menu [F2]
  • Teleport [F3]

The cheat menu itself offers all the options from Ultima VII, plus some extra options not available before. Thus it is not explained it detail here (see the cheat menu for Ultima VII for details).

Since the values are different for this game, see Ultima VII Part Two Create Item List for all the item numbers for the cheat menu.

Alternate introduction sequence[edit]

Open an MS-DOS window and use the cd command to change to the folder where the game was installed. Enter the following command line:

intro hisss jive

to view an alternate version of the game's introduction. You must turn off speech to see the humorous subtitles.

Video of the alternate Intro

Other Cheats[edit]

Be Prepared at the Shrine of Balance[edit]

Normally, it would be fatal if the player enters the Shrine of Balance and forgets any of the plot-related items needed inside, since there is no way back. Interestingly however, there is a backpack with all the required items placed in the chamber where the teleporter has to be created by using cubes of fire and ice. It is hidden in the lower right of the room and normally not visible, since the southern wall covers it. It can be seen when entering the chamber of fire cubes, but can't be accessed, since the wall is in the way.

Despite the backpack being there, it can't be accessed without using the hackmover or perhaps the spell Fetch. One can presume that this backpack was placed there by the programmers and testers who didn't want to go through creating the items with the cheat system for each time they tested the sequence.

Get things from the Dream Realm[edit]

Cast Serpent Bond to turn into a snake, and then enter Gorlab Swamp. You will fall asleep and enter the realm as a snake. When you turn back human, your companions will run back to join you. Any items you give to them will be preserved after you exit the realm. You can also bring in items for the Avatar (such as a spellbook) by letting the companions carry them before enterin the swamp, but make sure you give them back to your companions before you leave or they will be lost.

Test of Discipline (cheap way)[edit]

You can complete the Test of Discipline without swapping minds with Petra. Just cast Great Heal on yourself and drink a yellow potion every few steps. The acid doesn't hurt you fast enough if you run through.

Test of Logic (cheap way)[edit]

Instead of solving the final puzzle, just cast Dispel Field to get the key.

Glass Swords in the Test of Purity[edit]

In Dupre's room, kill all but the last worm. Now, attack Dupre. He will defend himself with a glass sword, so you should quickly Vibrate him to make him drop it. You can get several glass swords using this method. To get out, lockpick the door. Interestingly, you still pass the test, even though logically you shouldn't.

Easy Spellcasting Enemies[edit]

If you cast Vibrate on spellcasting enemies, they will drop all their spells. This makes fights much easier!

Silver Seed - Temple of Purity Teleport[edit]

If you click on the Grey Pillars near the the Keeper of the Silver Seed, you will be teleported into the main room of the Test of Purity.

Party Member Cheats[edit]

Getting Your Party Members Back Early[edit]

After the banes are released, go back to the antechamber and use the Hourglass to summon Thoxa. She will summon your three party members, and they will rejoin you good as new.

Resurrecting Dupre[edit]

This trick can also be used to resurrect Dupre. After he sacrifices himself in Monitor, head back to Spinebreaker and go back to the antechamber. Summon Thoxa, and she will resurrect Dupre.

Resurrecting Selina[edit]

Thoxa will also resurrect Selina, since she joined your party for a while. Do this anywhere EXCEPT Spinebreaker, or the game will hang when you talk to her. You cannot get her to rejoin you, but her babbling is quite amusing.

Keeping temporary Members[edit]

You can actually keep Sethys and Mortegro as party members by casting Serpent Bond before leaving their respective temples and then quickly use the Serpent Gate. This disables the triggers that would remove them from your party (Sethys dying and the Teleport Storm), allowing you to keep them. Care has to be taken to cast the spell when again travelling to said temples, or the triggers do kick in.

Places you aren't supposed to see[edit]

There are three cheat chambers with useful sets of items.

Claw Isle[edit]

The statue on Claw
The first is on Claw Isle, in the passages in the mountains there. Go to Monitor and find a small park with a path leading through it shaped like an inverted letter U. There are two trees at the southeast corner. Drop two crates or chests two paces north and one west of the southernmost tree, then drop another one next to them to act as a step. This lets you use the Teleporter to Claw Isle, where you can find all quest items and sets of magic armour and weapons.

Erstam's Storage Rooms[edit]

The second is accessible from the vicinity of Moonshade. In the woods outside the walls, west of the Lake of Magic there is a small house. Just east of the house is a treestump. Drop a crate or chest next to the stump to act as a step, and walk up onto it to be teleported. You arrive on a small island with a chest and a magic axe. Don't use the teleporter. Instead go to the easternmost point on the island and walk north. There is an invisible pathway across the water which leads, after a few twists and turns, to a set of caverns in the Isles of the Mad Mage, which contain quantities of reagents, and a selection of every available non- unique magic weapon. The teleporter on the small island will transport you back to the house outside Moonshade.

The Football Field[edit]

The third is in Moonshade. The wall under the stairs of Pothos' shop opens leading to stairs to lead down. With a key from his shop, a door downstairs is opened, and leads in the end to a football field, complete with cheerleaders and the enemy team. At the end are many good items. The teleporter however, is broken, and you need to get killed to get out.

Cheap Ways To Make Lots of Money[edit]

Monitor Guards[edit]

Slaughter a bunch of guards in Monitor and the surrounding areas, and drag their bodies back to the Crematory to sell for 100 monetari a piece. The best place to kill pikemen is the tower right outside the gate. Interestingly, no one will ever take notice your slaughtering spree.

False Coin[edit]

Using the False Coin spell, you can create duplicates of all the various monetary units used throughout the game. Despite what the manual says, it is real money you can spend. Carry around 100 of each currency and simply duplicate them when the need arises.

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