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Ultima Underworld II has no built-in cheat system. However, it is still possible to gain either from tricks or program oversights. Oversights are errors in the programming, while tricks are just clever tactics.

Program Oversights[edit]

All your Gold[edit]

If you ever need more money, find someone who you can barter with. If they have any money, they will give all their gold for one gold piece. The NPC's always accept the trade.

The Endless Potion[edit]

The Junk of the Gods!
This is the best-known oversight. Breaking a potion by either throwing it repeatedly against a wall or attacking it, turns it into a pile of garbage. However, the garbage still has the properties of the potion and will never run out! Especially useful with healing and mana potions.

Open the Door[edit]

Should a locked door be annoying, use "Dispel Rune". Despite an error message, all locks are removed.


Using a freezer, the following codes can be used:

Code Effect
UW27F2307FF Infinite Health
UW26E270BFF Infinite Mana
UW26E2808FF All Runes
UW26E2809FF All Runes
UW26E280AFF All Runes

No Sliding[edit]

Sliding on ice can be very annoying. To stop it, jump straight up as soon as entering the ice. This will cancel the sliding mechanism (limitation of the engine) and allow you to walk over the ice normally, although sometimes a little slow. Especially useful on Anodunos to get the Blackrock Gem and in the test of the academy.

Eternal Light[edit]

A weakness in the programming of the game is, how light is managed. If the darkness becomes annoying, just remove the shades.dat from the data-directory, and all darkness is removed, making lightsources a thing of the past.


Open the Door, Part 2[edit]

In Britannia, spells above level 4 can't be cast, meaning there is no way to use "open" to unlock doors. However, casting the spell in another world and then running back to the door in Britannia while holding the spell on the cursor is allowed. Care has to be taken that the route doesn't require the player to interact with something.

Experience (and Gold), the easy Way[edit]

There are two ways to get experience and gold, without too much effort:

  • Method 1: In the Scintillus Academy, open the gate on the first level, and then go on to slaughter the mongbats. Experience will accumulate quickly, although the game will crash if too many mongbats (over 200) are killed.
  • Method 2: In the Pits of Carnage, ignore everything else and first talk with Zoranthus to get access to Rhiannon and get the Sword of Stone Strike. Now always ask Jospur to arrange fights against five enemies in the arena of earth with the maximum bet. You can easily slaughter them with the sword. Experience, equipment, and gold will quickly accumulate.

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