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Ultima Underworld has a few available cheats.

General Cheats[edit]

The Endless Potion[edit]

Breaking a potion by attacking it with spells turns it into a pile of garbage. However, the garbage still has the properties of the potion and will never run out! Especially useful with healing and mana potions.

Open the Door[edit]

Should a locked door be annoying, use "Dispel Rune". Despite an error message, all locks are removed.

File Manipulation[edit]

Eternal Light[edit]

To remove darkness from the game, delete SHADES.DAT from the game's data directory. This will cause all levels to be fully lit.

Item Duplication[edit]

There is a simple trick to duplicate items.

First, save your game while you have the items in question in your inventory. Next, put the items you want duplicated on the ground in front of you. After that is done, save on a different save slot. Now copy the PLAYER.DAT from the first save into the save directory of the second save. Once you load the second save, you suddenly have the items in your inventory and on the ground in front of you.

This works because items in the inventory, unlike the rest of the game world, are saved in the PLAYER.DAT file, meaning that transplanting a player is trivial.

Hex-Editing for Stats[edit]

The PLAYER.DAT of each save game can be manipulated in order to ramp up the stats significantly. Bytes 10 to 3F have to be set onto FF and the bytes 40 to 4F onto 64 in order to get a significant boost for the player stats and abilities. Doing this causes the game to mention stats being cheated at the end of the game.

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