Cheating in Runes of Virtue II

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Ultima Runes of Virtue II Cheats GB[edit]

There are many cheats and secrets in this game.


Easy Money[edit]

Going up from the NE ladder in the cellar of Lord British's Castle leads you to a tower with three gold pieces in crates. Get them, go to the ankh in your inventory and press B. This resets the level, and you get to keep your gold and do it again.


With the use of this cheat device, there is the possibility to do these things:

Code Effect
0150E0CC Infinite Energy
015035D6 Infinite Magic

Ultima Runes of Virtue II Cheats SNES[edit]

You will need the Game Genie cartridge to use these codes.

Game Genie[edit]

Code Effect
4E60-47D8 Start with Shuriken instead of Axe
7060-47D8 Start with Longbow instead of Axe
7560-47D8 Start with the Wand of Fireballs instead of Axe
7760-47D8 Start with Crossbow instead of Axe
7D60-4768 Start with 30 intelligence
C2C3-47A7 Infinite energy [makes enemies invincible too]
CB3B-1464 Stars never recharge
CB67-3764 Almost infinite stars
CB6C-4D68 / 4A6C-4DA8 Start with a stronger armor
D960-4768 Start with 5 intelligence
DF69-4FD8 Start with less stars

Important reminder: Only works for Shamino in Easy mode.

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