Cheating in Runes of Virtue

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There are several ways to cheat in Runes of Virtue.

Game Genie[edit]

With the use of this cheat device, there is the possibility to do these things:

Code Effect
FA5-F3F-4C1 + FA4-00C-4C1 Infinite Energy
FAB-5BF-4C1 Infinite Money

Shamino codes only--can't use with Journey Onward option:

Code Effect
106-2B8-B3E Start with dexterity of 10
306-2B8-B3E Start with dexterity of 30
506-2B8-B3E Start with dexterity of 50
106-2C8-B3E Start with strength of 10
306-2C8-B3E Start with strength of 30
506-2CA-B3E Start with strength of 50
106-2F8-B3E Start with IQ of 10
306-2F8-B3E Start with IQ of 30
506-2F8-B3E Start with IQ of 50
155-658-2AA Start with 15 coins
405-658-2AA Start with 40 coins
605-658-2AA Start with 60 coins
FAC-0AF-4C1 No energy replacement


Easy money[edit]

Take the boat east to Verity Isle, and go up then down to the basement. Follow the arrows clockwise for 5 gold in a chest, then leave and go up two floors and down two floors (the game only remembers one previous area) and repeat.

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