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This category contains spells available in Ultima V.

Ultima V Spells
1st Circle An NoxAn YlemAn ZuGrav PorIn LorMani
2nd Circle An SanctAn Xen CorpIn WisIn Xen ManiKal XenRel Hur
3rd Circle In Flam GravIn Nox GravIn PorIn Zu GravVas FlamVas Lor
4th Circle An GravDes PorIn SanctIn Sanct GravUus PorWis Quas
5th Circle An Ex PorIn Bet XenIn Ex PorIn ZuRel TymVas Mani
6th Circle An Xen ExIn AnIn Vas Por YlemQuas An WisRel Xen BetWis An Ylem
7th Circle In Nox HurIn Quas CorpIn Quas WisIn Quas XenSanct LorXen Corp
8th Circle An TymIn Flam HurIn Mani CorpIn Vas Grav CorpKal Xen CorpVas Rel Por
Circle Type Spell Effect Similar Item Time Reagents and cost
1 peace: heal An Nox Cure poison Red potion anytime 4G: ginseng, garlic
1 peace: heal Mani Heal Yellow potion anytime 5G: ginseng, silk
5 peace: heal Vas Mani Great Heal - peace 5G: ginseng, silk, mandrake
8 peace: heal In Mani Corp Resurrect "IMC" scroll peace 13G: ash, garlic, ginseng, silk, moss, mandrake
2 peace In Wis Locate Sextant peace 0G: nightshade
7 peace In Quas Wis Map Gem, "IQW" scroll peace 0G: mandrake, nightshade
1 peace In Lor Light Torch peace 1G: ash
3 peace Vas Lor Great light "VL" scroll peace 1G: ash, mandrake
6 peace Wis An Ylem Xray White potion peace 1G: ash, mandrake
2 peace In Xen Mani Create food Rations peace 4G: ginseng, garlic, mandrake
4 peace An Grav Dispel field Sceptre anytime 4G: ash, pearl
8 peace Vas Rel Por Gate travel Moonstones peace 4G: ash, pearl, mandrake
2 peace Rel Hur Wind change "RH" scroll peace 6G: ash, moss
2 peace An Sanct Unlock Key anytime 6G: ash, moss
5 peace In Ex Por Magic unlock Skull key anytime 6G: ash, moss
1 peace An Ylem Vanish - anytime 7G: garlic, moss
3 peace In Por Blink - anytime 8G: silk, moss
4 peace Des Por Move downwards - dungeon 8G: silk, moss
4 peace Uus Por Move upwards - dungeon 8G: silk, moss
5 peace An Ex Por Magic lock - anytime 8G: ash, garlic, moss
2 support Kal Xen Summon animal - combat 3G: silk, mandrake
1 support An Zu Awaken Blue potion, crown combat 4G: ginseng, garlic
4 support In Sanct Protection "IS" scroll, crown anytime 5G: ash, ginseng, garlic
7 support Sanct Lor Invisibility Black potion combat 5G: moss, mandrake, nightshade
4 support In Sanct Grav Protection field - combat/dungeon 6G: silk, pearl, mandrake
5 support Rel Tym Quickness - combat 6G: ash, moss, mandrake
5 support In Bet Xen Summon insects - combat 9G: ash, silk, moss
8 support Kal Xen Corp Summon daemon "KXC" scroll combat 10G: garlic, silk, moss, mandrake
7 support In Quas Xen Summon clone - combat 11G: ash, ginseng, silk, moss, mandrake, nightshade
6 debuff Quas An Wis Confuse - combat 0G: mandrake, nightshade
7 debuff In Quas Corp Fear - combat 2G: garlic, mandrake, nightshade
2 debuff An Xen Corp Repel undead - combat 3G: garlic, ash
4 debuff Wis Quas Reveal Crown combat 3G: silk, nightshade
6 debuff In An Negate magic "IA" scroll, crown anytime 3G: ash, garlic, mandrake
6 debuff Rel Xen Bet Transform - combat 4G: ash, silk, mandrake, nightshade
5 debuff In Zu Sleep (Orange potion) combat 5G: ginseng, silk, nightshade
6 debuff An Xen Ex Charm - combat 6G: silk, pearl, nightshade
8 debuff An Tym Time stop "AT" scroll anytime 7G: garlic, moss, mandrake
3 debuff In Zu Grav Wall of sleep - combat/dungeon 8G: silk, pearl, ginseng
8 attack In Vas Grav Corp Cone of energy Magic bow, magic axe combat 1G: ash, mandrake, nightshade
7 attack Xen Corp Kill Magic bow, magic axe combat 3G: pearl, nightshade
1 attack Grav Por Magic missile Magic bow, magic axe combat 4G: ash, pearl
3 attack Vas Flam Fireball Magic bow, magic axe combat 4G: ash, pearl
3 attack In Nox Grav Wall of poison - combat/dungeon 6G: silk, pearl, nightshade
6 attack In Vas Por Ylem Tremor Magic bow, magic axe combat 6G: ash, moss, mandrake
7 attack In Nox Hur Poison wind (Green potion) combat 6G: ash, moss, nightshade
8 attack In Flam Hur Flame wind Magic bow, magic axe combat 6G: ash, moss, mandrake
3 attack In Flam Grav Wall of fire Flaming oil combat/dungeon 7G: silk, pearl, ash