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Card Set 1: Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice.
Card Set 2: Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality, Humility.
Virtue Cards created for Ultima Forever.
Cards as seen in Ultima IV.

The Cards of Virtue are a series of decorated cards similar to the Terran tarot which have at times been used by the enigmatic Gypsy to scry into the Stranger or Avatar's soul. They appear in Ultima IV and in Ultima IX and also feature as a physical trinket packaged with the later game.

A second series of cards were created to celebrate Ultima Forever.


The Gypsy would first use these cards in conjunction with an abacus to determine which virtues governed the Stranger's soul prior to their first visit to Britannia, and depending on their reading the hero would find themselves committed to one of the eight major professions of the realm. While the Gypsy would later use divinatory incense and potions to perform this feat in subsequent sessions with the Avatar, she would eventually use the cards once more to determine the hero's moral direction before they returned to Britannia for the last time.


Eight virtue cards were included with the original release of Ultima IX as collectibles. Each bore a "motto" for its signature virtue, written in the magical words of power.

  • Honesty: Sanct wis an quas
  • Compassion: An nox uus mani
  • Valor: Vas mani vas corp
  • Justice: Sanct ex an jux
  • Sacrifice: Bet corp vas mani rel jux lor
  • Honor: An rel sanct wis
  • Spirituality: An lor an corp
  • Humility: Bet xen des grav

Ultima Forever[edit]

A second series of cards were created to celebrate the announcement of Ultima Forever at Comic-Con in 2012. They featured brand new images for all eight cards, some of which closely resembled those from the cards included with Ultima IX although these were much smaller in size. Paul Barnett posted an image of these cards on his Twitter feed July 12th, 2012.

Another series of cards, identical in term of design but with the same size as the Ultima IX set, was also released a year later with the Collector Box that was released during E3 2013.


  • There is a mistake on the Ultima IX trinket cards representing Valor and Justice: Valor shows the lunar phase for Spirituality, while Justice shows that of Humility.

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