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Boydon, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two

Boydon is the culmination of the Mad Mage Erstam's experiments regarding the creation of life, being an entity crafted from the body parts of multiple human beings. He appears in Ultima VII Part Two.


Boydon was one of Erstam's many assistants, and during the course of one of the Mad Mage's experiments, he was magically dismembered in some fashion that left his head living and conscious.[1] While he grew acclimated to his life as a severed head, lacking many of the irritations and day-to-day needs of a fully functioning body, he longed for the pleasures of conversation and would beg the Avatar to stop and talk with him when the hero arrived on the Mad Mage's Isle.

The hero, who sought knowledge of the magical art of teleportation from Erstam, would eventually work in conjunction with the magician to construct a creature using Boydon's head and other animate body parts. Using a strange piece of magical apparatus and the egg of a phoenix from a neighboring island, the Avatar assembled a new being that retained Boydon's consciousness and memories.[2] The now mobile Boydon was eager to demonstrate his capabilities to the world outside of Erstam's island,[1] and the mage would allow his creation to join the Avatar's party should the hero wish for his company.[3] The rest of the Avatar's company, however, would voice their displeasure at the creature's unpleasant smell should he choose to accompany them.

During the champion of Britannia's imprisonment in the Mountains of Freedom, Boydon would make the acquaintance of Moonshade's Bucia should he have been travelling in the hero's company at the time, and Shamino would speak of a budding romance growing between them.[4] Any relationship that developed, however, was not to be long lived, as Bucia, along with most Moonshadians, numbered among those slain in the cataclysm following the release of the Banes of Chaos.


  • Boydon, being an entity created from composite body parts, appears to be an homage to Victor Frankenstein's creation in the original novel and the cinematic versions of Frankenstein. His vulnerability to and fear regarding fire[5] are features he specifically shares with Frankenstein's monster as he appears in the 1931 film.
  • Should Boydon be reduced to 0 hit points in the course of his adventures, his body will fall to pieces, and he may not be resurrected by the Xenkan Monks. His head will retain the spark of life, however, and he will still converse with the Avatar if spoken to.
  • "Boydon" is an anagram for "Nobody."

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