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Blood Spawn (BS) is a powerful illicit reagent native to the Serpent Isle. Derived from the rare mineral, Stoneheart, this potent mixture may be used to great effect in spells which engender destruction and bloodshed.

History and Uses[edit]

Serpent Isle[edit]

Blood spawn is created when human blood is combined with pulverized Stoneheart - resulting in a paste-like mixture ready for use in casting. Mages who employed this baleful compound in their spells often carried ritual blood-letting devices such as that they might always have a means of producing blood spawn on short notice.

In Moonshade, blood spawn had long been outlawed, given both the reagents potential for abuse and it's ability to slowly twist the psyche of those who possessed it. Spellcasters long exposed to stoneheart or blood spawn would find themselves slowly driven into madness and depravity in the pursuit of the dark magics it fueled - and rogue wizards such as Lorthondo and Vasculio stood testament to the deadly extremes to which magicans would go once under blood spawn's thrall.


This reagent is formed in quite an unusual way. Stoneheart, the red rock collected from stalagmites, must be crushed and then combined with the blood the caster! Blood spawn is an additive reagent that enhances the power of several inner circle offensive spells. Needless to say, perhaps, this reagent is not one to be bought and sold.


  • Despite it's illegal nature, many mages in Moonshade may be found to be in possession of blood spawn, including the MageLord, Filbercio.
  • Ritual bloodletting devices were also technically banned in Moonshade to discourage blood spawn manufacture, although this law was seldom enforced and most mages had few qualms about openly displaying such tools.

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