Blackrock Crystal Ball

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Finding the Blackrock Crystal Ball
The Blackrock Crystal Ball is a special crystal ball that appears in Ultima IX.


When the Avatar demanded the Blue Codex Lens from Laszlo, the leader of of the gypsies, the man claimed that he'd release it to the Avatar in return for getting the Blackrock Crystal Ball, an item which could show the future. He asserted that the liche Khelereth had stolen it from them, although the true origin of the item remained a mystery.

After defeating Khelereth, the Avatar found the crystal ball at the bottom of Covetous. Laszlo tried to renege on his promise because of a curse that had been put on the gypsies by Blackthorn saying anyone who helped the Avatar would perish. After Laszlo used the crystal ball, he saw his people would be destroyed if he did not give the Avatar the lens, so he relented and accepted his own death to save his people.