Blackrock Armor

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Blackrock Armor
Found in exclusively Ultima IX, blackrock armor is the best protection available in Britannia at the time of Ascension. Made of the mysterious substance blackrock, this armor is almost totally immune to any kind of physical attack, and absorbs most magic attacks. However, such power comes with a price, as it is almost impossible to find the full set of blackrock armor.

A full set consists of:[1]

Piece Defense Value
Helm 9
Chest 25
Arms 14
Gauntlets 8
Leggings 10
Boots 9


These are the places where the pieces to the blackrock armor can be found:

  • Helm : On the east coast of Skara Brae in a locked chest. (can be retrieved with the "X-Cheat")
  • Armor : In the guild shop in Buccaneer's Den, chest in Earth area of the Abyss.
  • Arm Pieces : On the Isle of the Avatar.
  • Gauntlets : Sold in Guild shop in Buccaneer's Den, costs 1900 Gold Pieces. Also available from the same chest as the blackrock helm.
  • Leggings : In a chest in the first area of the Abyss (use "X-Cheat").
  • Boots : Found in Serpent's Hold.


  • Despite being made of blackrock, this armor doesn't stop the Avatar from using magic (which blackrock usually does).
  • The armor is so heavy, the Avatar will sink like a rock with it on, making swimming normally impossible. However, it is possible to swim with all pieces except the chest on, as only the chest pulls the Avatar down. Thanks to the structure of the inventory system of the game, putting the chest in the inventory suddenly nullifies its weight and swimming becomes possible.
  • Using a kite shield together with this armor gives the maximal protection possible.

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