Bee Stingers

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Bee stingers are sharp, venomous organs procured from giant bees, the eponymous inhabitants of the Bee Cave nestled on the northwestern edge of the Deep Forest. They appear in Ultima VII.


Bee Stinger
These stingers had the ability to induce a slumber in their victim, a property routinely exploited by the ranger Tseramed in using them to fashion sleep arrows. Ironically, the hunter could offer these projectiles to the Avatar as a means to tame the very insects from which their arrowheads originated.


This energetic flying insect will instantly attack anything that it perceives as a threat to its hive. It attacks with a sleep-inducing poisonous sting.


  • With the Keyring Mod, bee stingers can be actively harvested and six of them are needed in order to create a Gem of Dispelling. For repairing one, the number required is less.