Basilisk Oil

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Basilisk oil is a magical compound which appears in Ultima Underworld II.



To the untrained eye, basilisk oil appears to be a clear-colored potion, similar to the variety commonly used to restore spellcasters' mana. In reality, it is a potent hallucinogen which may be used in ritual magic, in particular, the binding of an air djinn. When seeking to shatter the Blackrock Dome which had enveloped Castle Britannia, the Avatar would have need of basilisk oil, which, mixed with filanium mud of Anodunos, sealed such a djinn.[1]


Basilisk oil may be found at the following locations in the course of Ultima Underworld II:


  • It is very easy to waste all basilisk oil available and thus create an unwinnable situation, as one can't identify it with the Lore skill available early in the game.


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