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Avatarship (called Lyrac in its initial stages) is an Ultima IV remake, based on the Neverwinter Nights engine. This module was developed by Zonker, and has been completed, the latest version being 1.3, released in 2003.

This module adds a considerable amount of user-created content to the Neverwinter Nights engine, in order to improve the Ultima feeling of the game.

Avatarship requires a full version of Neverwinter Nights in order to work. It is compatible with most versions of Neverwinter Nights patched to at least version 1.32. There are two versions of the module, one that requires the Shadows of Undrentide expansion pack and one that does not.

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  • Ultima IV Reborn, a similar Neverwinter Nights mod, which does not add user-created content.

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