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"Avatar in You," otherwise known as "Castle Theme," is a song written by 'Manda "Talzhemir Mrr" Dee—the real world counterpart of Penumbra—for Ultima: Runes of Virtue.


"Avatar in You" was composed as a text file, with each note designated by a letter between two numbers indicating its octave and duration (e.g. 2G3, 3E2, 3F4, 3G4, etc.) The song's ostinato bass line was inspired by that of Ultima IV's dungeon theme and played at a faster tempo, while the melody of its final verse is taken from the opening lines of "Rule Britannia".[1]


Here we stand:
Ready, and
For travel longing.

(From) town to town
And to our new land

Can't you feel
The Shrine awakes,
and calls to you?

And runes burn
Truth and Love and Courage,
Once and anew

- from Ultima: Runes of Virtue


  • The lyrics were revealed by 'Manda Dee on Facebook.[1]


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