Audchar Gargl Zenmur

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"Audchar Gargl Zenmur" is the Gargish anthem, composed by Herman Miller and appearing only in Ultima VI, when the Avatar's quest takes the hero to the Realm of the Gargoyles.


The piece is intentionally derived from the chord progression of "Rule Britannia," serving as a thematic undertone to convey the innate similarities between the Gargish and Britannian societies and foreshadow the unity realized between the two kingdoms at the conclusion of Ultima VI. This melodic companionship is brought to culmination in the game's ending sequence, where both themes are heard together in harmony.


"Audchar Gargl Zenmur" may be heard in its original MIDI format here: Gnome-speakernotes.png

A higher quality version of the piece, taken from the SNES port of Ultima VI, can be found here.